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Mission Photos:
Drawing of CHEFSat showing locations of the reflectors

Image courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Mission Objectives:
  • Primary: Evaluate propagation of RF signals through the atmosphere
  • Secondary: Assess 3U cubesat performance; evaluate potential for sub-100m orbit prediction capability without on-board GNSS

Role of Satellite Laser Ranging:

  • Potential source for continued evaluation of BK7 corner cube retroreflector performance in space environment
  • Assess orbit determination for 3U cubesats below 600km altitude
  • Enable smallsat RF links through increased orbit prediction accuracy
CHEFSat Mission Parameters:
Satellite CHEFSat
Sponsor: US Naval Research Laboratory
Expected Life: 12-18 months
Primary Applications: Evaluate propagation of RF signals through the atmosphere
Primary SLR Application: Precision orbit determination
Launch Date: November 12, 2017
COSPAR ID: 1707108
SIC: 1079
NORAD: 43044
NP Bin Size: 15
RRA Diameter:  
RRA Shape:  
Reflectors: 4-12mm CCRs on nadir deck of 3U cubesat
Orbit: 450 x 450 km
Inclination: 51.6 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.0006099 degrees
Period: 93.7 mins
Additional Information: