Proceedings from the ILRS Workshops

The ILRS sponsors International Workshops on Laser Ranging typically held every two years. Below is a list of past workshops with hyperlinks to proceedings where available. Links in the "Number" column provide a listing of papers presented; links in the "Location" column point to dedicated workshop websites where available.

Number Year Location
1st 1973 Lagonissi, Greece
2nd 1975 Prague, Czechoslovakia
3rd 1978 Lagonissi, Greece
4th 1981 Austin, TX, USA
5th 1984 Herstmonceux, UK
6th 1986 Antibes, France
7th 1989 Matera, Italy
8th 1992 Annapolis, MD, USA
9th 1994 Canberra, Australia
10th 1996 Shanghai, China
11th 1998 Deggendorf, Germany
12th 2000 Matera, Italy
13th 2002 Washington, D.C., USA
14th 2004 San Fernando, Spain
15th 2006 Canberra, Australia
16th 2008 Poznan, Poland
17th 2011 Bad Koetzting, Germany
18th 2013 Fujiyoshida, Japan
19th 2014 Annapolis, MD, USA
20th 2016 Potsdam, Germany
21st 2018 Canberra, Australia
22nd 2020 Kunming, China


The ILRS also organizes smaller, focused technical workshops in years between the International Workshops on Laser Ranging. Below is a list of technical workshops. Links in the "Topic" column provide a summary of the workshop; links in the "Location" column point to dedicated workshop websites where available.

Topic Year Location
SLR System Calibration Issues September 1999 Florence, Italy
Working Toward the Full Potential of the SLR Capability October 2003 Kötzting, Germany
Observations Toward mm Accuracy October 2005 Eastbourne, UK
Challenges for Laser Ranging in the 21st Century September 2007 Grasse, France
SLR Tracking of GNSS Constellations September 2009 Metsovo, Greece
Satellite, Lunar and Planetary Laser Ranging: Characterizing the Space Segment November 2012 Frascati, Italy
Network Performance and Future Expectations for ILRS Support of GNSS, Time Transfer, and Space Debris Tracking October 2015 Matera, Italy
Improving ILRS Performance to Meet Future GGOS Requirements October 2017 Riga, Latvia
"Laser ranging: To improve economy, performance, and adoption for new applications" October 2019 Stuttgart, Germany