ILRS Space Debris Study Group (SDSG)

The Space Debris Study Group (SDSG) was established at the ILRS Governing Board meeting held on October 26, 2014 in conjunction with the 19th International Workshop on Laser Ranging.

There are now several SLR stations tracking space debris. The SDSG was formed to serve as a forum to provide assistance, consultation, and help with hardware, software, and procedures. The interest of space agencies is increasing rapidly now; the SDSG will be an excellent interface between the ILRS and these agencies.

Tasks for the SDSG:

  • Coordination of Space Debris Laser Ranging Activities: target selection, schedules, data quality control, data exchange / format issues etc.
  • Suggestion / selection / definition of debris ranging experiments on an worldwide scale
  • Calibration issues: e.g. 1-way calibration in case of multi-static debris ranging
  • Hardware / software support and exchange (Event Timers, TLE handling, ....)
  • To be continued / complemented ....

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