Site Information

  • The Station Table provides identifiers which have been assigned to ILRS stations. These include:
    • 4 digit CDP monument/pad ID number or system reference point
    • 4 character code (typically ends in an L for Laser)
    • Site Location Name and Country
    • Site Occupation Designators (SODs), maintained by the CDDIS
    • Directory of MERIT Sites (DOMES numbers), maintained by the IERS
    • ILRS Site and System Information Forms (Site Logs)

    Additional detail available for specific stations includes:
    • Stations currently or recently upgraded

  • Site Log Viewer - View information in individual site logs or across all site logs
  • SLR Station Coordinates (SLRF2020)
  • SLR System Eccentricities (Up, North, East and X, Y, Z), maintained by the ILRS CB and by the CDDIS
  • SLR System Configuration Files, maintained by the ILRS systems
  • Satellite-Dependent System Configuration and Center of Mass (CoM) correction files
  • Data Corrections (pre-1999, post-1999), maintained by the ILRS CB


    • SOD is an eight digit code to uniquely describe an occupation of a geodetic monument.
    • DOMES is a nine character code to unambiguously identify a geodetic instrument reference point and/or geodetic marker
    • MERIT is Monitoring of Earth Rotation and Intercomparison of Techniques campaign from the early 1980s
    • SINEX file is a System Independent data Exchange format
    • System eccentricities are the offsets from the geodetic monument (if one exists) to the optical reference point.