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Holiday tree with images from around the ILRSHoliday Greetings from the ILRS GB and CBRelease Date: 12/18/2017The Governing Board and the Central Bureau of the International Laser Ranging Service extend our sincere thanks to you for your participation in service activities during 2017!

Once again, another busy year comes to an end for the ILRS. We saw the launch of new several missions requiring laser ranging support, new products under development, stations undergoing development, upgrade and improvement, participation in a very successful 2017 ILRS Technical Workshop in Riga, and new challenges and opportunities opening up for our community through GGOS and other international activities. We thank you for your continued support of the ILRS and its mission.

We also send our best wishes to you and your families during this holiday season and for a healthy, successful, and Happy New Year. We look forward to continued cooperation and success in 2018!

Pippo Bianco, Mike Pearlman, and Carey Noll

ILRS logoILRS Approves New Network Application Form and PolicyRelease Date: 06/14/2017The ILRS has approved a new policy and application form for new stations to join the ILRS network.

ILRS logoILRS 2017 Technical Workshop: First CircularRelease Date: 03/29/2017The Institute of Astronomy at the University of Latvia and the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) will host the 2017 ILRS Technical Workshop on October 02 through 05, 2017 in Riga, Latvia. The program committee for the 2017 ILRS Technical Workshop, to be held in Riga Latvia, October 02-05, 2017, has issued the meeting’s first circular. The workshop will have four sessions held over four days.


ILRS logoILRS survey of user tracking needsRelease Date: 03/21/2017Many stations in the ILRS network are nearly saturated in their tracking schedule. The ILRS is presently assessing its tracking needs to try to maximize its utility. We recently sent out an email to various ILRS users and groups to ask for user needs. If you want your needs to be considered, and did not receive an email invitation, please send an email to Erricos Pavlis (epavlis @ umbc.edu). Once we compile the results, the ILRS plans to make revisions to its tracking list based on users needs. Therefore, user input is critical. The survey should not take you more than 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on your level of involvement with SLR data. Thank you for supporting the ILRS!

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