Software provides a key element in the acquisition, reduction, and analysis of laser ranging data. Since so much time and effort has already been spent on creating software applicable to laser ranging, it is preferable to have the fruits of those labors be freely available when possible. Having a ready library of software will either spare builders of new stations the work of re-inventing the wheel or to at least provide a starting point from which to build something greater. Included below are links to software available on this and other web sites, to provide a central market of sorts for software of value to laser ranging. This software is generally free/open source, although it would be prudent to examine the licenses posted with the software before using it to insure abiding by its terms. In the spirit of the open source culture, please let us know how well this software meets your needs and provide any updates that would be useful for the laser ranging audience.

Software available through the ILRS website:

Other ILRS-related software: