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Etalon-1 and -2

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Mission Photos:

Etalon Satellite

Mission Objectives:

Etalon are a Russian family (Etalon-1, Etalon-2) of passive geodetic satellites dedicated to satellite laser ranging. Etalon-1 was the first geodynamic satellite launched by the former Soviet Union. The Etalon spacecraft were launched in 1989 in conjunction with a pair of GLObal'naya NAvigatisionnay Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS) satellites. The mission objectives were to determine a high accuracy terrestrial reference frame and earth rotation parameters, to improve the gravity field, and to improve the gravitational constant.

Mission Instrumentation:

The Etalon satellites are passive satellites. The only instrumentation is the retro-reflector array which consists of 2 different type of cube corners.

Mission Parameters:
  Etalon-1 Etalon-2
Sponsor: Russia Russia
Expected Life: hundreds of years hundreds of years
Primary Applications: geodesy geodesy
COSPAR ID: 8900103 8903903
SIC Code: 0525 4146
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 19751 20026
Launch Date: January 10, 1989 May 31, 1989
RRA Diameter: 1.294 m 1.294 m
RRA Shape: circular circular
Reflectors: 2146 corner cubes 2146 corner cubes
Orbit: Circular Circular
Inclination: 64.9 degrees 65.5 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.00061 0.00066
Perigee: 19,120 km 19,120 km
Period: 676 minutes 675 minutes
Weight: 1415 kg 1415 kg

Additional Information:


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