Future Missions

Satellite Name Sponsor Exp.Life Time Purpose Launch Date
Approved by ILRS for Future SLR Tracking
COSMIC-2 UCAR 5 years Atmospheric research, validation of GNSS orbits 2017
GRACE-FO NASA JPL and the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) 5 years Monitor the static and time-variable components of the Earth's gravity field; Precise Orbit Determination (POD) Early 2018
ICESat-2 NASA   ice-sheet elevation change, sea-ice freeboard, and vegetation canopy height 2018
Lightsail-B The Planetary Society 30 days Orbit determination September 15, 2016
NISAR NASA/JPL, ISRO 3 yrs Earth observation 2020
PN-1B, -1C, -1D Beijing Aerospace Control Center 1 year Precise orbit determination Sep-2015
Sentinel-3B ESA (GMES)   Oceanography 2018
S-NET Technische Universität Berlin 1 year intersatellite communication experiments December-2017
Future Satellites with Retroreflectors
GPS-III (n=??) DoD, DoT   Positioning, navigation, timing, geodesy  
GRASP NASA   Positioning, geodesy TBD
HY-2B CNES, CNSA   Earth observation 2012
HY-2C CNES, CNSA   Earth observation 2015
HY-2D CNES, CNSA   Earth observation 2019
IRS-P5 (CARTOSAT-1) ISRO 5 yrs Earth observation May-2005
Sentinel-6 NASA, NOAA, ESA, EUMETSAT 5.5 yrs Ocean altimetry 2020
SWOT NASA, CNES   SAR altimeter 2020

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