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Tiangong-2 (TG-2)

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Mission Images:

Courtesy of China Manned Space Engineering Office

Mission Objectives:

Tiangong-2 (TG-2) is the second Chinese manned spacecraft with the payload of GPS receiver for precise orbit determination.

The SLR role of the mission is to obtain the absolute distance between the laser station and TG-2 and to validate the accuracy of the TG-2 precise orbits that are computed by GPS observations.

Mission Parameters:
Sponsor: China Manned Space Engineering Office
Expected Mission Duration: 1 year
Primary Applications: Validation of precise orbits
COSPAR ID: 1605701
SIC Code: 2207
NORAD SSC Code: 41765
Launch Date: Sep. 15, 2016
RRA Size:  
RRA Shape: Hemispherical/Pyramid
Size of Reflector: Diameter - 33.2 mm; Height - 24 mm
Orbital period: 1.5 hours
Inclination: 42 degrees
Altitude: 350-400 km
Eccentricity: 0.0


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