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Mission Photos:

NISAR Satellite
Courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mission Objectives:

NISAR is a decadal survey mission for Earth Science. The primary mission is a radar interferometer for the purpose of measuring land and ice deformation.

SLR would provide a secondary precise orbit determination (POD) measurement. The primary instrument is a JPL-provided GPS receiver. POD is required to provide the precise position of the satellite as the radar is active. It is also necessary to provide calibration and comparison information on the GPS receiver. Finally, the position estimate is required to provide guidance to the daily orbit maneuvers.

Mission Parameters:
Satellite: NISAR
Sponsor: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Expected Life: 3 years
Primary Applications: Land and ice deformation
Primary SLR Applications: Orbit determination
SIC Code:
Launch Date: 2020
NP Bin Size: 1 second GPS
RRA Shape: 6.25 inch diameter hemisphere
Cube Diameter:  
Inclination: 98.40119 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.0012530
Altitude: 747 km

Additional Information:

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