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Mission Photos:

Courtesy of JAXA

Mission Objectives:

The ADvanced Earth Observing Satellite 1 (ADEOS-1) "MIDORI" , launched in August 1996, was the first in a series of two scheduled joint international cooperative programs to contribute to global environmental monitoring. The objective of ADEOS-1 was to acquire data on worldwide environmental changes such as the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, tropical rain deforestation, and abnormal climatic conditions. A secondary objective was to develop platform bus technology, interorbital data relay technology, etc. which are necessary for the development of future earth observation systems.

Mission Instrumentation:

ADEOS-1 had the following instrumentation onboard:

  • Advanced visible near infrared radiometer
  • Ocean color and temperature scanner
  • Scattering measurement device
  • Total ozone mapping spectrometer
  • Polarization and directionality of the earth's reflectance
  • Interferometric monitor for greenhouse gases
  • Improved limb atmospheric spectrometer
  • Retroreflector In-Space (RIS)
Mission Parameters:
Sponsor: (JAXA) Japan
Expected Life: 3 years (stop functioning after 1 year, August 1997)
Primary Applications: environmental monitoring
Primary SLR Applications: precision orbit determination
COSPAR ID: 9604601
SIC Code: 1555
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 24277
Launch Date: August 17, 1996
RIS Diameter: 50 cm
RIS Shape: hollow cube
Reflectors: 1 corner cube
Orbit: circular, sun-synchronous sub-recurrent
Inclination: 98.6 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.000
Perigee: 797 km
Period: 101 minutes
Weight: 1200 kg

Additional Information:

Web sites:


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  • Kunimori, H., Gotoh, T., Nojiri, H., Sawabe, M., Ogawa, M., and Maeda, M., "Preliminary Report on ADEOS/RIS Laser Tracking Experiments", Proc. of the 10th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation, Shanghai Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China, November 11-15, p. 614, 1996.