Site Log Procedure

For additional detail and information visit Full Site Log Procedure

Instructions for Completing and Submitting an ILRS Site Log


The ILRS site log form is intended to be used as a description of a fixed or mobile SLR system occupation at a given site.

The site log should be modified whenever system parameters or other information referenced in the form have changed. Thus the form will also serve as a historical collection of major changes during the lifetime of an SLR system and/or its site occupation.

All Site Logs should be held current and updated when changes to system configurations or environment warrant.

  • Retrieve your EXISTING Site Log (please do not upload your local copy) from the following location: OR if no site log exists, retrieve a blank log from the following location:
  • Insert updated or new information / data into each field.
  • Entries into the fields of the form are to be made after each colon, allowing 1 blank space following the colon. Responses can be in either upper or lower case or a combination.
    • Fields with a fixed length or standard format will be indicated. Please follow the exact format as indicated.
    • Some fields can expand over several lines. Limit each line length to 80 characters.
  • Most sections or subsections contain information that may change with time. Therefore , these sections contain the start and end date, date of installation and removal or first and last applicable date.

    Each section or subsection is numbered according to the modifications in time:


          !9.02.01  GPS Timing Rcvr Model   :    XL-DC
          !  Manufacturer   :    TrueTime
          !  Date Installed   :    1995-08-16
          !  Date Removed   :    1999-12-20 10:00 UT
          !9.02.02  GPS Timing Rcvr Model   :    XL-DC
          !  Manufacturer   :    TrueDate
          !  Date Installed   :    1999-12-20 11:00
          !  Date Removed   :    (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm UT)

  • Submit all completed and updated Site Logs to ILRS Central Bureau at the following E-mail address:

To update the station configuration history file, station personnel should follow the procedures out lined on the ILRS station change history log webpage.