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Monument Peak

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Monument Peak Contact:

Agency Harris
Mailing Address NASA SLR Tracking Station
P.O. Box 130
Mt. Laguna, CA 91948
Primary Contact
Contact Name Ronald Sebeny
Telephone (primary) 619-473-9754
Telephone (secondary) 619-840-9754
Fax 619-473-8387
Secondary Contact
Contact Name Dr. Thomas Varghese
Telephone (primary) 301-823-2607
Telephone (secondary)
Fax 301-823-2501
Additional Information (multiple lines)
Primary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)

Monument Peak Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     -2386278.4
Y coordinate [m]     -4802353.9
Z coordinate [m]     3444881.7
Latitude [deg]     32.8917 N
Longitude [deg]     116.4227 W
Elevation [m]     1842.177
Additional Information HEIGHT ABOVE ELLIPSOID

Monument Peak News:

Local Events:

Date 2013-03-11 16
Event Earthquake
Additional Information 4.7 Earthquake 20km ESE of Anza, CA
Centered 33.502 degrees N 116.457 degrees W
Date 2010-06-15 04
Event Earthquake
Additional Information 5.8 Magnitude
Lat 32.7N Lon 115.921W
Aftershock due to Baja Earthquake
Date 2010-04-04 22
Event Baja Earthquake
Additional Information 7.2 Magnitude and multiple 5.4 mag
on same day
Lat 32.297N Lon 115.047W

SLRMail Messages:

No SLRMail mesages found.

Monument Peak Link: