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Simosato Contact:

Agency Shimosato Hydrographic Observatory (SHO), Japan Coast Guard
Mailing Address 1981, Shimosato, Nachi Katsuura-cho, Higashi Muro-gun,
Wakayama 649-5142, Japan
Primary Contact
    Contact Name Hiroko Fukura
    Telephone (primary) +81 735 58 0084
    Telephone (secondary)
    Fax +81 735 58 1535
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)

Simosato Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     -3822388.355
Y coordinate [m]     3699363.566
Z coordinate [m]     3507573.117
Latitude [deg]     33.5777 N
Longitude [deg]     135.9370 E
Elevation [m]     62.44 (Height above ellipsoid
Additional Information The site is located on heights near the sea.
The geodetic coordinate datum is WGS-84(epoch
1997.0) and the elevation datum is Tokyo wan
mean sea level (T.P.).

Simosato News:

Local Events:

Date 2004-09-05 10
Additional Information M7.4 at 137.09E 33.11N, M6.9 at 136.78E 33.05N
Two large earthquakes occurred about 100km
southeast of Simosato station. The southward
and downward co-seismic movement of about 2cm
was detected associated with the events.

SLRMail Messages:

No SLRMail mesages found.

Simosato Link: